Wednesday, June 17, 2015

15 Years

Fifteen years ago today, this was happening...

We were so young!  Evidently, I have really aged my hubby.  When I posted this pic on Facebook, everyone commented about how young Ty looked in this picture.  

Fifteen years, 3 kids, 2 houses, 6 cars, 2 dogs and several jobs later...

This is us today.  Picture taken by our 5 year old photographer and anniversary dinner date.

I'm a pretty cheap date (not really!).  All I wanted for our anniversary was cheap Mexican food and a margarita!  We are waiting to have our official nice dinner to celebrate when we go to Santa Barbara very soon.

Can't wait to see where the next 15 years take us!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Boys of Summer

Our family loves baseball!  Major league, minor league, little league...we love it all!  Our boys have played many sports over the past 12 or so years, but my absolute favorite to watch them play is this game.

This spring Kyle was nursing a broken toe and was placed on the injured list.  He was finally able to play in the last game or two of the season.  He attended almost every game and became the unofficial "dugout manager" for his team.  He was a great sport about it, though we know it had to be hard watching all his buddies out on the field giving it their all.

Dugout manager overseeing it all.

FINALLY able to step into the box!  He was so excited to be back in the game, even if it was only for a short time.

Hayden had an awesome season!  He didn't disappoint in making each game exciting as we watched our speed demon steal bases like a pro.

Stealing home

He played his heart out and earned several game balls over the course of the season.

The highlight of the season for him was being selected as an All-Star!  So proud of him!

We are taking a break from sports for the rest of the summer to enjoy pool time!  Can't wait until they are back on the field again, though!

Take care,