Saturday, July 11, 2015

Our American Girl

The much anticipated American Girl store opened in our area a few weeks ago.  When it was first announced that it was coming, I immediately texted hubby and told him to hang on to his wallet.  He promptly told me that he was taking our little American Girl there for a daddy/daughter date for her first visit.  After a loooooong wait, the day finally arrived for her to go.  She was excited beyond words!

American Girl store

Allie with her purchase - Grace.

American Girl store

Before her date with Daddy, she poured through the AG catalog and decided this is what she wanted him to buy her.  Of course, that didn't happen!  She tried to convince him again at the store with this sweet little smile.  I was proud of him that he didn't cave and stuck to the agreed upon budget.

American Girl store

American girl store bistro

Allie, Grace and Daddy ate lunch at the Bistro.

American Girl Store bistro

American Girl Store Bistro
 Sweet, sweet American Girls!

Take care,