Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Allie’s First Haircut

Someone got her hair cut recently!  Actually, she barely got it trimmed.  She was awesome and sat in the chair just like a big girl.  I wasn’t expecting that!  She normally is such a wiggle worm that I was fully anticipating having to hold her still in my lap.

IMG_0279This was just before we left the house.  Allie has really taken to Missy here lately.  She calls her “Sis” and loves to pet on her and let Missy lick her fingers – which she immediately puts into her mouth! 

IMG_0280 Pre-haircut.  It’s just stringy and semi-curly.  Just like mine – poor kid!


Sitting in the chair like a big kid!


She’s not lovin’ the spray bottle – just like her brothers.


So far, so good.


She earned her first tiara!


Sweet, sweet girl!

Have a great day!


First UT Game

Well, November has totally passed us by! 

In the first part of the month we took the boys to their (and mine!) first UT game.  They played our alma mater, MTSU.  I hated that I couldn’t cheer for UT, but we had to pull for our blue! The boys, of course, were all for Big Orange!

IMG_0254 A house divided


Aunt Jen joined us.


Granny made sure the boys had a front row spot for the Vol Walk.


Granny, Hayden and Jen are ready for the game!


Kyle must have been in the middle of eating something chocolate?


The boys loved seeing the big “T!”

Such a fun experience!  Can’t wait to do it again!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Saints Day

Today was All Saints Day.  Each year the 1st graders at the boys’ school are assigned a saint to research.  On All Saints Day they get to dress up as their saint and give a report in front of all the parents and classmates.  Kyle was assigned St. Patrick.

IMG_8623 St. Patrick giving his report.  He did an awesome job!


St. Patrick


Allie trying to be quiet during the reports.  She did great and lasted through all 48!




Great job, Kyle!  We are so proud of you!


Here’s a picture of Hayden from his Saint Report 2 years ago…


St. Phillip - 2009

Have a great day!