Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Allie’s First Haircut

Someone got her hair cut recently!  Actually, she barely got it trimmed.  She was awesome and sat in the chair just like a big girl.  I wasn’t expecting that!  She normally is such a wiggle worm that I was fully anticipating having to hold her still in my lap.

IMG_0279This was just before we left the house.  Allie has really taken to Missy here lately.  She calls her “Sis” and loves to pet on her and let Missy lick her fingers – which she immediately puts into her mouth! 

IMG_0280 Pre-haircut.  It’s just stringy and semi-curly.  Just like mine – poor kid!


Sitting in the chair like a big kid!


She’s not lovin’ the spray bottle – just like her brothers.


So far, so good.


She earned her first tiara!


Sweet, sweet girl!

Have a great day!


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