Saturday, March 5, 2011

Eight Years of Birthdays!

It’s hard to believe it was eight years ago yesterday that we became brand new parents to a sweet, sweet baby boy – Hayden!  Time goes by so quickly.  It doesn’t seem possible that he is halfway to driving!  I love looking back at  how he has changed over the years.  There are so many things about his looks and personality that have remained unchanged.

IMG_8061Mommy with her new baby boy!


IMG_8065     Getting all buckled into his car seat ready to leave the hospital!


Hayden 1

First Birthday Party!  That cake cracks me up.  It was supposed to look like stacking cups, which he loved to play with.  It looks more like a very colorful Leaning Tower of Pisa! 


Not sure what to do with this!



2 Years Old!  You can tell he had been crying.  He didn’t like riding the motorcycle at My Gym.


Hayden 3

3 Years Old!  He wasn’t so sure about Chuck E. Cheese!


Hayden 4

4 Years Old!  He was all about Lightning McQueen!


Hayden 5

5 Years Old!  All into Star Wars – and still is!


  Hayden 6  6 Years Old!  Football & Peyton Manning fan – and still is!


Hayden 7

7 Years Old!  Love that toothless grin!

IMG_8133 8 Years old!

We love you, Hayden!  I’ll be posting more pictures from his party later.

Have a great day!


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