Friday, October 21, 2011

Belated Birthdays!

We’ve had a few birthdays in our family over the past few weeks!  As usual, I’m a little late in posting them…but, better late than never!



Bev’s birthday was Sept. 27th!  We went to Cantina Laredo to celebrate, and of course everything was yummy – especially the guacamole!  I think “Granny” had a great time…I seem to recall some little boys really enjoying helping her with her chocolate cake!  I think I had a bite or two or three…


This picture was taken Oct. 16, 1990.  I was a senior in high school and was headed to Memphis that night to a Poison concert with friends.  I had to make a detour to the hospital to hold that sweet baby girl – my new sister Mary Catherine!

IMG_0005 Now, here we are (almost) 21 years later at an MTSU football game back in September  She’s really making me feel old!  Happy Birthday Mary!

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