Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to School

Yesterday was a bittersweet day.  We said goodbye to our relaxing. fun-packed summer break.  But, we also said hello to a brand spanking new school year, full of fresh beginnings.

The boys were both excited and nervous, jumping out of bed and ready to go in record time.  All summer we had a hard time getting everyone out the door by 10 am, but we were all ready to go before 7 in the morning!

We took our requisite back-to-school pictures by the front door.

Our 6th grader.  How in he world do we have a middle schooler already???

Our 4th grader.  He is happy to be off of the elementary school hallway.  

Two handsome boys.

Of course, little sister had to be in on the picture taking action.  She sure will miss her boys now that they are back in school.

Kyle at his desk, sporting his longer hair-do.

Kyle with his sweet teacher Ms. D.  She was one of Hayden's teachers the past 2 years, so we know he is in good hands.

Hayden with his homeroom teacher Mrs. C.  We just know we will love her, too!

Both boys were happy to get to their classrooms.  The only tears shed were from Allie, who started crying as soon as we dropped Kyle off at his room.  After she had another breakdown when we took Hayden to his class, we found out she was worried that we were leaving her at school, too.  Poor baby girl!  It's not your turn...yet!

And with that, they're off!

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