Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Decor

Right behind Christmas, Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays.  While we don't go too crazy decorating, I do like to add a few creepy touches to the house to keep it fun.

Here is my little assistant, ready to give you the tour.

Posing with her Minnie pumpkin.


We have just a few things inside the house, too.  My very favorite decoration to get out each year is my collection of Halloween pictures.  We all love to look back and see how much these kiddos have changed over the years.  Love this!

This pumpkin cracks me up.  Kyle painted it in 3rd grade as a class project.  That was 1 year ago.  It's a real pumpkin! How has it not rotted yet???  Creepy!

Allie is so very afraid of skeletons this year.  Every time we see one in a store or while walking around our neighborhood she'll close her eyes and say, "tell me when it's over."  She did give me permission, though, to buy this skeleton head because it was sparkly and pretty!

Happy Haunting!

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