Wednesday, April 8, 2015


We had a wonderful Easter, complete with beautiful weather.  The kids woke to find goodies in their Easter baskets.

We had our own Easter egg hunt at home before heading to Mass.

Our church had another egg hunt.  The boys thought they were too big to participate, but this little girl had the time of her life.

This picture cracks me up.  Before the hunt started, the boys scouted out what they wanted Little Sis to get for them.  They spied the blue cup in the picture below, and they told Al to get that first.  As the hunt started with "Ready, Set, Go,"  she took off on "Set" and ran straight to her goal.  She was a girl on a mission!  It ended up being a cup filled with bubble gum.

Our family is falling apart!  We do get some funny looks when we are out together! My brace and his cast should come off about the same time.  We are both sporting the latest fashion accessory...leg wear.

After church, we headed to Granny's for lunch, yet another egg hunt, a rousing game of whiffle ball and a game of Clue.  

We hope you had a glorious Easter, too!


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