Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall Activities

With school back in swing, that also means it's time for fall sports and activities to get started back up again.  We let the kiddos each choose one activity or sport.  It keeps us busy, but we love to see them involved in activities they enjoy!

Allie was ready to start dance class again after a 3 month hiatus.  She was excited to see her friends and sweet dance instructor, Ms. M.

Kyle is trying something new, golf.  After a rough spring sports season with a broken toe and a mild concussion he got over the summer (at a new trampoline park), we decided it may be nice to take a break from rough and tumble sports for a bit.  He and bestie L are taking golf lessons this fall.  So far he is LOVING it!  He especially enjoyed getting new duds to wear.   We don't call him "Mr. Accessories" for no reason!

Hayden is playing fall baseball.  This child is happiest with a ball in his hands.   Baseball, basketball, doesn't matter.  He loves to play it all.  To be such a mild mannered kid, it's fun to see his (very) competitive side come out on the field.  He's super fast and watching him steal bases in always exciting!

So, if you need us in the evenings anytime over the next couple of months, you know where we'll be!

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