Friday, January 21, 2011

6 Month Pictures (a little late!)

I had every intention of having Allie's 6 month pictures made a couple of months ago - when she was actually 6 months old! But, of course time, the holidays and strep got the better of us these past couple of months. Anyway, we finally got some cute pictures of her this week. She refused to smile for most of them, but did give us her sweet little grins for a few. Enjoy!

Sweet girl!

How I would have LOVED to get her smiling here!

There she is!

My Little Aunt Jemima! This one makes me laugh!

The boys are enjoying a snow day off from school today. Unfortunately, there isn't enough snow to do any serious playing in! Oh well, we've made hot chocolate and sugar cookies...I think they'll survive!

Have a great day!


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