Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thunder Cake

Hayden's second grade class has been studying about weather for the last couple of weeks. His teacher read Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco to them. It's about a little girl who is afraid of storms. As a storm approaches, her grandmother distracts her by making Thunder Cake using ingredients from their farm. They have to hurry to make the cake before the storm arrives, or it won't be a true Thunder Cake. At the end of the book is a recipe for the cake, which is unusal because it includes pureed tomatoes. His teacher asked a few moms to make this cake, so the kids could try it out. So...guess what we did once the boys got home from school on Thursday!

This really is a great book. I've got it somewhere buried in the attic with my teaching materials.

The finished product! We made 4 single layer cakes...3 for school and 1 for us!

My little taste-testers!
The boys loved it! They said you couldn't even taste the tomatoes! We don't do as much baking around here as we probably should, but this was fun to do with my little assistant Hayden!
Have a great day!

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