Monday, May 9, 2011

Hayden’s First Communion

Hayden’s First Holy Communion was just over a week ago on May 1st.  It was such a special day for him to receive Christ’s body and blood.  He looked so handsome and sweet.  What a day to remember.

IMG_8331 Looking so sweet and handsome coming in to the sanctuary.

IMG_8333 Refusing to make eye contact with us!

IMG_8342At the reception afterwards

IMG_8338  Bev with us

IMG_8340 Mom, Johnny and Mary joining us

IMG_8344Two handsome brothers

IMG_8346  Well, at least half of us are looking at the camera!

IMG_8348 Hayden and best buddy Jake


The After-Party at Loveless Cafe:

IMG_0677 Mary, Hayden and Mom

IMG_0678 Bev, Hayden, Jen and Allie

IMG_0681 Hayden and Johnny

IMG_0679 Such proud parents!

IMG_0676 IMG_0674

A few gifts!

IMG_0668 Yummy treats made by Granny

IMG_0687A fun time had by all! Not exactly sure what happened to Ty…?

Have a great day! 


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