Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!


I know it’s been over a month since my last post!  Between all the end-of-school year activities, our trip and VBS, I don’t feel like I have sat down for a minute!

Of course the first thing I wanted to share are pictures from Allie’s 1st Birthday party!  It’s hard to believe our little cupcake is already one!  This year sure has flown by!

I wanted to start out by showing a few pictures from when she was born…IMG_7133I think we were still in shock that we had a little girl!  We were both so certain that little boy #3 was to join our family!


DSC_0198Sweet Allie Elizabeth


Now, fast forward one year….

IMG_8455 Our little Princess!

IMG_8459 Checking out the candle!

IMG_8463 Ready to dig in!


IMG_8475She’s not afraid to dig into her sweets….just like her Momma and Grandma!


IMG_8441  Our family.  I’m laughing at this picture now.  Ty and I had been tanning to prepare for our Bahamas trip.  We look so unnaturally dark for both of us!


IMG_8444Granny and Allie


IMG_8451   Aunt Jen, Hayden, Papa, Kyle, Grandma, Allie and Aunt Mary


IMG_8425Fun decorations.  I loved the polka dot balloons!


IMG_8433Her smash cake made by Aunt Jen!


IMG_8420A high-chair fit for a princess!  I know it’s silly, but it was fun to finally have girly decorations after lots of boys’ parties!


IMG_0711   Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!  We love you!


Thanks for stopping by!


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