Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Field Trip to Traveller’s Rest

Kyle’s class took a field trip to Traveller’s Rest in Nashville last week.  This was the home to Judge John Overton, who was a personal friend of Andrew Jackson.  The kids got to tour the home, visit a one-room schoolhouse and play games that children played long ago (before there were screens to distract them).  I love how both boys have had recent field trips that have taken them back to the same time period!  Read about Hayden’s trip here.

IMG_9561Learning to write with a quill pen.  It wasn’t easy, especially for my lefty.

IMG_9568 Ready to go to school.


Greeting the teacher.

IMG_9571Working on the “computer” of the time.

IMG_9580Playing a few games on the porch.



The kids and adults all enjoyed themselves.  I would definitely go back again!

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