Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Fun

Oh, we had such fun tonight!  The kids were so excited.  Allie kept asking, “We go trick or treat?” all day long.  She finally “got it” this year.  The boys managed to make it through the school day and class parties, before the fun at home began. 


Ready to get going!

IMG_9779Sweet Little Ladybug


Volunteer Tyler Bray

IMG_9676Bronco Peyton Manning



IMG_9684 Allie’s Minnie Mouse pumpkin

IMG_9679Kyle’s gross pumpkin

IMG_9683 Hayden’s Colts pumpkin

IMG_9554-001  Our semi-spooky front porch.  The boys deemed that our porch was too babyish last year, so we tried to spook-it-up a bit more this year.

IMG_9693 Entry table

IMG_9762 Ready for Halloween dinner


Our menu: Mummy Dogs, Jack-O’Lantern oranges and Pumpkin Poop.  Not exactly a healthy meal, but it gets the kids to eat a little something before the sugar fest begins.

IMG_9690 Here are the newest members of the family.  I have had to eat my words, after saying I would NEVER have inflatables in the yard!  The things you do for your kids!  The boys were thrilled to come home from school to find these guys.

And that was our day.  Whew, I am one worn-out Mama!

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