Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Last Day of School

The boys' last day of school is such a fun day!  There is never any complaining when the alarm goes off that morning, no dragging the kiddos out of bed, no sleepy eyes being rubbed at the breakfast table.  Somehow, everyone manages to pop right out of bed; and they actually look forward to going to school!

At the beginning of every single school day, our wonderful principal greeted each child with a hug - rain or shine.  This day was bittersweet because Mrs. M was retiring, so this is the last hug they would get from her as their principal.

As Mrs. M made her way back to the office after drop-off that last morning, all students and teachers lined the hallway to applaud this very special lady.  It was definitely a teary moment to hear over 400 students clapping and cheering for their principal.  We sure are going to miss her!

It is a short day, filled mostly with an awards ceremony.  While the boys enjoy walking up to receive any awards they may have earned that last quarter, the real highlight of the day is when the dismissal bell rings for the last time.  The tradition at their school is to have your car decorated, so the parking lot is filled with car windows covered in writing, balloons flying high and streamers waving through he air.  And then, the car horns start up.  Once the kids get to the cars, the car horns start blaring! This goes on until the last car has left the parking lot, waving to the teachers and staff that line the lot.  It's music to our ears.

And with this school year all wrapped up...goodbye school, HELLO POOL!!!


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