Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kyle’s Birthday Celebration!

We celebrated Kyle’s birthday for an entire week! His birthday was on the 4th, and his sleepover was a week later. Here are a few snapshots of our weeklong celebration!

IMG_7945On his birthday, he got to use the Red Plate on his special day! We had our traditional birthday breakfast of Krispy Kreme donuts!

IMG_7946 The Happy Birthday banner was ready and waiting to greet him!

IMG_0525 Allie and I joined him for lunch at school. Daddy couldn’t get off work to join us. Kyle was so proud to wear his birthday crown!


After school, Ty joined us at Sweet CeCe’s for frozen yogurt. The man sitting behind the boys heard us talking about Kyle’s birthday; and he said he was there celebrating his birthday, too!

IMG_0531 Kyle chose where we went for dinner, so of course we ended up at Chuck E. Cheese’s!

IMG_7954 The next week…the dessert table is set for his birthday party!

IMG_7957 IMG_7963

A few days before his party he decided he wanted Colts cupcakes. After calling around to every bakery in our area looking for Colts cupcake picks (with no luck!) I decided I could make some on the computer. Thankfully, he was very happy with them! Actually, Hayden said he wanted the exact same thing for his birthday!

IMG_7967Blowing out the candles!

IMG_7969 Pancakes for breakfast the next morning

It was a long weekend, but we had a blast!

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  1. What a fun party! We got one of those You Are Special plates at one of our wedding showers. I want to use it on our kid's birthdays too. I might even get it out for Westin's first b-day party! :) Thanks for reminding me. :)