Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Space Derby

Last Saturday Hayden’s Cub Scout Pack had a Space Derby.  A few weeks ago, we were given a kit to build his rocket from two pieces of wood, along with a few other parts for the propeller and wings.  Of course – we waited until Friday night to start building it – the same night Kyle had a sleepover to celebrate his birthday!  Aren’t we setting a great example?  Needless to say, we were up late that night gluing, sanding and painting his rocket.  Early Saturday morning the finishing touches were made – as we were trying to take care of the kiddos who spent the night and get out the door for his basketball game!  Talk about a stressful beginning to the weekend, but we did it to ourselves!  Remind me not to wait until the last minute next time!  Anyway, he was very proud of his finished product.  He had a great time racing his rocket.  It didn’t win any races, but it didn’t come in last either!


IMG_7982Showing off his rocket



Hayden and his buddy Jake


Getting ready to race



  And they’re off!


Second place in this heat!  We were just thankful that it actually moved!


Okay, the Pinewood Derby is in April.  We have the kit, now we just need to get started!

Have a great day!


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