Friday, July 20, 2012

Allie’s 2nd Birthday

Our sweet pea turned 2 back in May.  It’s hard to believe!  I had such fun planning her party, a carnival theme.  We had the backyard set up and ready for all the little people to play games.  Then the rain came.  We frantically set everything up in our cramped garage.  In the last minute rush to move it all, I failed to get many pictures of her sweet decorations.  Oh well, we still had a great time celebrating our favorite 2 year old!
Here are a few of our favorite memories.
Miss Priss is ready to party.
Playing games and collecting prizes.
Her awesome Elmo cake, made by her awesome Aunt Jen!
Ready to blow out the candles.
IMG_9064 Daddy and Granny sneaking a quick picture.
Birthday girl with her doting big brothers.
IMG_9093 One quick picture with Mommy and Daddy.
IMG_9095 Grandma and Papa had to get their turn, too.
Aunt Mary and Aunt Jen
What some of the games should have looked like.
IMG_0554 A few more.
Our sweet 2 year old!  We love you!
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