Sunday, July 15, 2012

March Revisited!

Oh my, has it really been that long since my last post?  Time flies when you’re having fun, right?  Oh well, I want to try to get caught back up, so over the next bit I will try to give a monthly recap of what the last few months have looked like for our family.

March was busy.   We were right smack-dab in the middle of birthday season! 

First, we celebrated Hayden’s 9th birthday!  I can’t believe he is 9.  His last year in the single digits. 

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane…

Hayden 0


Hayden 1 Hayden 2

 Hayden 3   Hayden 4

 Hayden 5  Hayden 6Hayden 7

Hayden 8


And here he is today!  Well, actually this is how he was back in March on his special day:IMG_8815


IMG_0490 copy


A few weeks after we finished up with our birthday celebrations, we headed to the Predators vs. Redwings game, which was a gift from Bev to both boys for their birthdays.    A great time was had by all!



IMG_0506   We were so close to the action!

Next, the boys had Spring Break.  We didn’t take a big vacation, but tried to do fun things around town.  We did, though, make a quick day trip down to Huntsville to the Space and Rocket Center. 


Our 3 astronauts


Ready for lift-off!


Attempting to land the shuttle.


Now it’s Kyle’s turn.


Even little girl got in on the action!


A fun time was had by all!

Well, that was what our March looked like.  Hope to be back soon to re-visit April.

Thanks for stopping by!


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