Tuesday, July 17, 2012

April Revisited

Our April photo album mostly consisted of Easter.  We had a beautiful day to celebrate Christ’s resurrection.  After a few pictures before church, we went to a beautiful Mass.   We came home to find that the Easter bunny had hidden some eggs in our backyard!  After a quick egg hunt, we headed over to Bev’s house for yet another egg hunt and late lunch.  Here are a few of our highlights:

IMG_8847copyA quick picture with Daddy before leaving for church.

IMG_8841copyOne with Mommy, too!

IMG_0546copy Family Picture outside of church.

IMG_0543copy Granny came to church with us.

IMG_8866copyBack at home.  Ready for an egg hunt.  It was impossible to get everyone looking at the same time!





I had a couple of random shots of little girl at 23 months old.

IMG_0547                This is exactly how she goes to sleep each night and at naptime.  Bunny, blanket and fingers.  Pure sweetness!

IMG_8874 Lookin’ too cute in her pigtails.  Absolutely refusing to smile for me.

And that was our April in a nutshell.  Not a lot going on that month, but we make up for it next month in May.  Will have those pictures soon!

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