Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jr. Cotillion

About this time last year, 3 other moms and I made a pact.  It was a pact to sign up our then 5th grade boys for Jr. Cotillion classes for the next school year.  So we completed the paperwork, signed the checks and mailed in their applications.  We were determined to make true southern gentlemen out of them!  The original plan was to keep this a secret from the boys until the last minute.  We knew there would be lots of complaining and maybe even a few tears.  But, one of us caved and spilled the beans earlier than we had agreed (it wasn't me!).  So, once one of the victims discovered the secret plan, word got out pretty quickly to the others.  And there was lots of complaining and even a few tears (from more than one victim) before the first class in September and each month following.  Classes were held once a month and focused on basic manners and etiquette.  They even had to learn a few basic ballroom dance steps and practiced them at each class.

This was Hayden and best bud J before their very first class.  You can almost smell the fear.

Same boys with friend C after surviving their first class.  They were all smiles!

Fast forward 5 months to the preparations for the Spring Grand Ball, which is the culmination of all they had learned.  The gentlemen were required to wear tuxedos, so we thought it would be fun for the boys and moms to meet up at a local Mexican restaurant and then head over to the tux rental store.  

Making their selections.

Measurements done.

A little tomfoolery was to be expected.   

A few weeks later, the big night had finally arrived!  While parents weren't able to attend the entire ball, we were invited for the last 30 minutes for a few special dances.

Our handsome young man.

The group

Sweet hubby and me

Love this boy

Jr. Cotillion
Our first Mother-Son dance.

The entire group from school.  Only one young lady from their school participated in Jr. Cotillion.  She held her own with these boys.

Jr Cotillion
You can't be dressed to the nines and not give your best 007 pose to end the night.

A wonderful evening was had by all.  A few days later when I asked Hayden if he wanted to take Cotillion classes again next year, you can only imagine his response!

Have a great day!

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