Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Princess Pirate

Allie and bestie F were invited to a Pirate themed birthday party over the weekend for friend L at an indoor play area.  Of course, neither one of them could go without a little princess glam thrown into the mix.   A big THANK YOU to F's mom for being my chauffeur to and from the party.

A fairy pirate and a princess pirate.

The princess and fairy with the birthday boy.

 This was after cake and ice cream.  All the other kiddos went back to play, while this one savored each and every bite.  Wonder where she gets it from?

The remainder of the weekend was spent resting my bad knee.  The doctor said 8-12 weeks of no driving, but I am determined to will myself back to good health and driving much sooner than that.  Wish me luck!


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