Thursday, March 19, 2015

Little Things

We have had a lot of little things going on around here since my last post.

Someone had Donuts with Dad at preschool when Dad was out of town.  Mommy was happy to fill in!  Loved her sweet picture for her Daddy.

This guy turned 10!

Hayden survived enjoyed 6 months of Jr. Cotillion classes, which culminated in a Grand Ball.  This is my handsome son in his first tuxedo.

Mother-Son dance at the Ball.

And he celebrated his 12th birthday a few days later! Can't believe we'll have a teenager next year!

We've had lots of snow days!

This view from our back door has been replaced...

with this view as we are having a porch added!

This little girl is getting ready for her first season of soccer!

Elsa and Anna.  Sisters Forever.

And this is how I spent Spring Break.  Broken kneecap.  Ice skating.  Sure am glad I got a mani/pedi 3 days prior to this!

Have a great day!

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