Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wrapping up Summer

Today is the last day of summer break.  We have mixed emotions at our house.  One of my boys is excited to start back to school and one is not so sure.  It is bittersweet for me.  I will miss sleeping in, hanging at the pool, as well as vacations and quick trips; but I do look forward to earlier bedtimes, routines and getting back into sports and dance.

We enjoyed a fun-filled weekend to celebrate the end of our break.

Our neighborhood had dinner and a movie at the pool.  We dined on food truck yummies and watched Megamind.

Our street hosted a Back-to-School party.  We love hanging out with our awesome neighbors and are so fortunate to be surrounded by such wonderful friends!

 The kids enjoyed a great game of kickball for all ages - kindergarteners through high school seniors joined in on the fun!

Since the pool has been our second home the past few months, we thought today we would take one more dip in the water to commiserate celebrate!

Goodbye pool, hello school!

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